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1)water inflatables

--bossaball inflatable court
--inflatable pool

--inflatable ball

----water ball
----water roller
----zorb ball
----beach ball
inflatable iceberg
water slide
other water games

2)dry land inflatables

inflatable mini bouncer
inflatable water slide
inflatable fun sports/games
inflatable camping tent
inflatable fun city
inflatable bounce castle
inflatable outdoor/event tent
inflatable slide
customise inflatable slide
inflatable funiture(sofa)

3)AD inflatables

air dancer/sky dancer
inflatable arch
customise inflatables

4)accessary for inflatables



Hot Products:



big inflatable air bag, through a big jump from a tower, the person in the other end will be forced to jump high and have a good view.Inquiry

water ball,water roller

would like to walk on water ? These will help you.Inquiry


inflatable water slide

an easy set up cool slide!Inquiry

inflatable mini bouncer

for family use bouncer games! It would not occupy too much place, but it would give your child a good childhood!Inquiry

inflatable fun city

a commercial use inflatables. More fingures, slides,obstacle, it must would be a fun city for the children!Inquiry

zorb ball

to guide you to an exciting game!Inquiry

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